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Eco Agri Solution: One-Stop Agri-Business App for Human Resources, Logistics, CRM, and Sales.

Updated: Apr 6

EAS application is a daily business tool for Eco Agri Solution SDN BHD developed by Revolab SDN BHD.



Eco Agri Solution is a comprehensive application designed to support the agricultural business sector by providing a unified platform for managing key daily processes. The app facilitates efficient fertilizer and pesticide management, ensuring compliance and proper resource allocation. Eco Agri Solution also integrates a customer relationship management (CRM) system, allowing for effective communication and relationship building with clients. The app's sales monitoring features provide valuable insights into performance metrics, aiding informed decision-making for sustainable growth. Designed for agri-business professionals, Eco Agri Solution is used to streamline operations, improve customer engagement, and enhance overall business performance.

What We Did

IOS Development

Android Development

​Backend Development

Training Support

Post Development Maintenance

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